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01 February 2016 @ 06:26 pm
"Hell's Kitchen:" Season 1 Episode 9  
 So this season began with the team members hanging out and drinking some champagne left out for them. Then they had to wake up super early the next morning to bake bread. Jessica was still a bit drunk so she slept for most of it. Then they had to make souffles. Ralph's was declared the best, though Gordon Ramsay found fault with all of them; so he was allowed to pick which of three entrees (beef, chicken, or tuna) he wanted to prepare. He chose beef, with Michael cooking tuna and Jessica chicken.

For the main dining competition, the families of the contestants showed up to Hell's Kitchen (they got to hang out with them a bit at the end of the episode). In general, Ralph's dish was the most popular and Michael's the least; but the families liked Michael's the best. Meanwhile, Jessica seemed to struggle for most of the night and had to have tons of help from her teammates. As a result of all this, she was the one who ended up being eliminated. It's kind of a shame as for a while I'd thought she would win, as she looks like the underdog compared to the two men who don't always take her seriously. But, nothing about her performance these past few episodes has made it seem like she has a handle on running a professional kitchen (which is, after all, the ultimate aim of the show), and even if the producers of the show had wanted to shape her into a winner, they can only do so much. So now I hope Ralph will win, because Michael hasn't been sympathetic at all for at least the past two episodes if not longer.

With all that being said, I've decided to take a detour from the first season and watch some episodes from some of the later seasons, mostly because the last episode of this season is over an hour long (I'll probably watch it over the weekend when I have a bit more time). Already, just from watching short clips of some of the later seasons I've seen things that would make the contestants and situations of the first season, at their most unceremonious, seem downright dignified by comparison!
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