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24 January 2016 @ 11:21 am
"Hell's Kitchen:" Season 1 Episode 6  
 This episode began with the players having to do a taste test as a team, to show Gordon Ramsay how good they were at identifying flavors. This led to a rather weird situation where Gordon Ramsay hand-fed them ingredients as if they were baby birds and he was their mother, or something. Anyway, the Red Team won, largely because Ralph was so bad at identifying ingredients (he couldn't get ANY of them right despite being a professional chef!).

For dinner, the players had to come up with their own menus to serve, and then the guests had to pick which menu they wanted to order off of. The Red Team did a pretty good job of coming up with recipes that suited everyone; on the Blue Team Ralph commandeered pretty much the entire menu, much to Jessica's and Andrew's displeasure. In the end, the Blue Team received more orders and served more food, but because Andrew kept screwing up the fish, they lost. Jessica ended up being the best of the worst (again), and she ended up throwing out Andrew even though the fish dish was Ralph's and he hadn't wanted to make it in the first place. It isn't terribly surprising that Andrew would be sent home, though, because I don't think he's made a single good dish the entire time. And, to his credit, he managed to come across as fairly sympathetic in the end, moreso than I was expecting him to be at the outset. Gordon Ramsay explained his decision by saying that Andrew was out of his depth and "can't cook," something I found surprisingly hilarious for no clear reason.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jimmy was eliminated in fairly short order, since he seems a bit out of his depth as well, and has been for the past couple episodes. He's definitely come farther than you would think he would, but once again, he's enough out of his element that I'm not sure it'd be believable if he won.

Meanwhile, Michael and Ralph continue to show themselves as the biggest threats. However, one of the points Gordon Ramsay made earlier is that he holds those who already have experience in a professional kitchen to higher standards, implying that prior kitchen experience doesn't actually impact the contestants' chance of winning. Which is good news for people like Elsie and Jessica, the latter of whom looks more and more like winner material with each passing episode.
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