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18 June 2015 @ 11:12 pm
Cerulean Skies: A Furuichi Teraoka Fanmix  
This is just me wanting to make a fan soundtrack for my favorite "Xam'd" character. The songs I picked are as follows:

“Animal I Have Become”-Three Days Grace

Pretty self-explanatory, I think. Furuichi hates what he’s become as a result of the Xam’d, but he can’t avoid it, and it leads him to do some pretty awful things. Worthy of note is how passive the singer of this song sounds—“Somebody get me through this nightmare/I can’t control myself/Somebody wake me from this nightmare/I can’t escape this hell.” In “Xam’d” it’s fairly commonplace for characters to wind up in situations they have no way of overcoming on their own, but Furuichi doesn’t even try to overcome his problems, he just pines for better days and hopes Haru can help solve them. This may well be because he doesn’t even seem to realize he has problems until it’s too late.

“Dance, Dance”-Fall Out Boy

A lot of the lyrics to this song sum up his angst toward Haru pretty well, I think, and his capacity for douchiness toward her (“I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me,” anyone?). It also ties into the idea of envy, which Furuichi (at his worst) embodies. I actually typically associate the Fall Out Boy song “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” with envy moreso than this one, but this song has lyrics that fit Furuichi better overall.

“Scar Tissue”-Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song, I think, calls good attention to his loneliness and the times he spends ruminating on his lousy deal in life, and wondering where he should go from there. Some of the lyrics hint at an interest in a girl which could represent Haru. It also fits in with my personal theory that he had issues even before the actions of the series (albeit ones he could go along not really thinking about), something we see signs of but that never actually get expanded upon. For instance, just what did happen to his father?

“This Ain’t a Love Song”-Bon Jovi

This song stands for his feelings toward Haru, how he really does love and want her but deep down knows that he never stood a chance, and now he’s lost her. It’s important, I think, to keep in mind that he most likely did genuinely care about Haru, to the best of his ability. He just had issues that got in the way of that.

“Somebody That I Used to Know”-Gotye feat. Kimbra

This song, by contrast, encapsulates perfectly the bitterness he feels over losing Haru. Granted he and she never were really a couple, but other than that, the song fits. It’s also got a female supporting vocalist, so it plays out like a conversation he and Haru might have.

“Sea of Madness”-Iron Maiden

Because it’s not fair to Furuichi to assume that all he ever thinks about are Akiyuki, Haru, and the Xam’d, this is a song that I felt encapsulated his outlook on life in general. He seems to think that things are fundamentally hopeless—although he’s not a fan of the war (least of all it being brought to his doorstep), he obviously feels it’s necessary and that he has no choice but to participate. It does appear that he was designed partially as a counterpoint to the optimism of characters like Haru and Akiyuki. Draw your own conclusions about the lyric “My heart is heavy as I turn by back and leave.” Yeeeeeeah.

“Almost Easy”-Avenged Sevenfold

Yet another song about his obsession with Haru. The song appears to be from the perspective of someone who’s been a very bad lover and is begging for a second chance, which would be in character for Furuichi. However, the song gently implies that the singer hasn’t actually learned from his mistakes—and neither does Furuichi, really, except maybe at the last possible moment, when it’s too late to make amends.

“Black Hole Sun”-Soundgarden

This is just a good, depressing-sounding song to describe him at his most depressed. It also hints at his suicidal tendencies and desire for death a little (“Hang my head/Drown my fear/’Til you all just disappear”). The idea that Furuichi might be depressed is something I’ve seen, though whether he could reliably be said to have clinical depression or any actual mental illness is admittedly unclear.


This song works perfectly if you ignore all the Christian symbolism. Obviously Furuichi is not a Christian and probably knows jack shit about any related topics, but in every other respect, the lyrics fit. The lyrics “I tried to kill my pain/But only brought more” are particularly apt, as every attempt Furuichi makes to better his lot ends up hurting him in the end.

BONUS SONG: “Watching Over Me”-Iced Earth

What can I say? I like the idea that he still watches over Haru from whatever passes for an afterlife in the “Xam’d” universe. Whether Haru would agree with the exact content of the lyrics is admittedly somewhat debatable, but there’s some (very slight) evidence supporting it in show….

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