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08 July 2015 @ 05:31 pm
I saw Inside Out the other day!  
I went to see it with a family friend who's a few years younger than I am now. It's SO GOOD! Seriously, go watch it if you ever get a chance! Feelings as colorful mascots that look like cuddly toys! XD (And the opening short is pretty good too) ^-^

I'd kinda fallen behind on my Pixar movies as of late--I hadn't seen Brave or Tangled because they just didn't interest me and while I did see Frozen I thought it was good but not great. But this, this is the real deal! 

If I have one complaint, I do sorta wish they'd treated Fear's character with more gravity. I'm tired of people always relegating scaredy-cats to the role of comic relief at best. He is, to be fair, adorable (as are all of them)--but given that I have an anxiety disorder it's hard for me to see Fear as cuddly comic relief, you know?
Current Mood: chipperchipper